The 10M14 capacity is 14-gauge mild steel, 18-gauge stainless up to 121.25 inches in cutting length. The 10M14 Series shears are standard with an two edge interchangeable top and bottom, high carbon, high chrome top and bottom blades , independent, self-leveling hold down with neoprene insert, single, continuous and jog stroke cycles, motor reverse switch, precision-machined table, with dual inch/metric inlaid bed scales and non-metallic gibs. Non-metallic self-lubricating ram gibs ensure long life for the 10M14. Maintenance free self-lubricating bearings are standard.

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Roper Whitney mechanical shears utilize a simple low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance. The 10M14 capacity is 14-gauge mild steel, 18-gauge stainless up to 121.25 inches in cutting length. The electro-mechanical design of the 10M14 provides quiet operation with low power consumption. The shear is initiated by a moveable foot switch. An oversized shield and toe kick plate are incorporated into the foot switch for added operator safety. The 10M14 is capable of 35 cutting strokes per minute. For increased speeds please consult factory.

Benefits of the 10M14 powered shear are:

  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Superior quality of cut
  • Fast power back gauge

Roper Whitney 10M14 series shears are available in a “Pro Package” configuration. The Pro Package includes: a 4′ Left-Hand Squaring Arm with Right-Hand also available, slide-out Front Support Bar for even handling of varying material thicknesses, and Air Operated Sheet Support System.  Pro “F” system is for front return. Pro “FC” features a moveable front return Material Cart.

Additional information

Weight 5500 lbs
Maximum shearing capacity, mild steel rated materials at 80,000 tensile/ 44,000 yield

14 ga/ 2,0 mm

Maximum shearing capacity, stainless steel rated materials at 90,000 teniles/ 55,000 yield

18 ga/ 1, 25 mm

Maximum cutting length

124.25 in/ 3155 mm

Back gauge range

24 in

Strokes per minute


Hold down system

Solid bar with non-marring urethane insert

Drive motor - 230/460v, 3-phase, 60 Hz

5 hp

Back gauge motor - 230/460v, 3-phase, 60 Hz

1/4 hp

Overall dimensions, less gauges

141 x 27 x 52 in

Floor space, gauges in position

141 x 62 x 52 in