Having the latest equipment on your shop floor to keep a step ahead of your competition shouldn’t be complicated. We’ve partnered with Machinery Finance Resources (MFR) to offer customized machine tool financing solutions to meet your business objectives. Take advantage of the Section 179 tax savings before the end of the year to make sure that your business is set up for success.

If you qualify, you can deduct the full equipment purchase price from your gross income. This incentive was created by the U.S. government to encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves.


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Advantages of financing through Machinery Finance Resources:

Preservation of working capital: Financing requires little or no cash outlay.

Match payment to cash flow revenues: We can structure a payment schedule to match the timing of your cash flow and allow you to pay for your equipment with the revenue it generates.

Fixed Payments: Finance payments are fixed for the length of the contract.

Flexible terms: Finance terms can be structured to meet customer needs with 12 to 84 month terms, up to 120-day deferred or step payment plans, EFA, $1.00 or fixed purchase options, early buyout options, capped FMV options and rental programs.

Obsolescence protection: Business growth, advances in technology and organizational changes can all make existing equipment obsolete. Financing enables customers to modify and upgrade equipment quickly and efficiently.

We have the resources and experience to help your business develop and expand. MFR deals exclusively in equipment financing for manufacturers. We offer a one page “Application Only” program for financing up to $500,000.

When you work with MFR, you’re ensured a customized financing solution that meets your specific business needs.