With Synergy, you have the option to purchase Konstruct. The Synergy software brings together information from the office-based Konstruct program and the field-based Konstruct Mobile with Roper Whitney’s technical support program Konnect.

Konstruct is a new innovative software package created and used exclusively by Roper Whitney. This in-office software package allows the office to communicate directly with the Synergy control on the machine. From the office the administrator can create, manage and monitor the activities on the folding machines.

Benefits Include:

  • Create or manage jobs
  • Easy Windows-based navigation
  • Create job list for each folder in your shop
  • Real time knowledge of what jobs have been completed
  • DXF file import capability
  • Eagle View® option

Greater Control

Parts are created the same way as they would be on the machine. It is as simple as drawing the shape with the correct angles and dimensions and the software des the rest.

The part is then automatically sequenced so that the proper bend order is followed. The type of material, number of pieces and any other information is entered and the job is ready to be run.

The administrator can then see what jobs are waiting to be run, what is in process and what has been completed giving you greater control over your shop processes.

Konstruct™ Mobile

Konstruct Mobile communicates directly with your Konstruct software and allows users to send parts orders to the office from their mobile device. This software package could be used by your customers so that instead of sending pictures or hand sketched drawings they could send the actual part. By sending your part information remotely from your phone, tablet or laptop, the part will be complete by the time the driver arrives at the shop. It’s efficiency that you will appreciate. And it’s a selling tool that you, as a fabricating contractor, can use over your competition both in service and sales.

Once again the parts is drawn with the proper angles and dimensions. The operator can tell the office what type of material, color, thickness and number of pieces. Once the art is sent to the office the job will be reviewed to confirm that it can be run on the machine. As parts are created they will be stored and can be accessed again at a later date.

Benefits Include:

  • Choose parts from a part library or create your own
  • Simple part drawing
  • Send trim orders from any mobile device
  • Pick color, type of material and number of pieces
  • Enter job name or PO#

Get Started

Our engineers will assist in helping users in the set-up and implement the software. For more information on Konstruct or to schedule a demonstration, call 815.962-3011.