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The 1014K AutoBrake®

The AutoBrake®, manufactured in the USA exclusively by Roper Whitney is the component fabricator’s choice for unparalleled ease-of-use, speed and accuracy. Powered by an advanced CNC control system, the AutoBrake® is capable of bending many types of materials and thicknesses with very little setup time and minimal tool changes.

The AB1014K Autobrake® provides precision and repeatability when forming up to 10 feet of 14 gauge mild steel or lighter materials. This sheet metal brake is a high speed solution to make a variety of bends while maintaining a high quality level in the end product. The unique Kombi box tooling adds to the machine’s straight and box folding capabilities to produce more complex shapes in less time. Various tooling options are provided to help customize to your specific needs, and can handle a wide range of materials, easily close hems and withstand forces generated by maximum capacities.

Standard Features
– 30° Clamping Beam
– 4” Kombi Box Tooling
– Manual Crowning Adjustments
– 61” Backgauge
– Spring Steel Backgauge Fingers
– 15” Touchscreen Monitor w/ Synergy Control
– Konnect Software Package (Included While Under Warranty)

Changing The Shape Of Metal

A Company Transformed.

Since 1910, Roper Whitney has been producing high-quality tools and sheet metal fabrication equipment that change the shape of sheet metal, literally, from a simple punch to folding shapes with complex geometries. Over the decades, Roper Whitney has become a household name in sheet metal forming shops, most notably with American-made AutoBrake® sheet metal brakes as well as brands like Pexto® and Connecticut®.

With the release of powered long folders, Roper Whitney has one of the most comprehensive product line-ups for bending, folding, forming, notching, punching and shearing  – designed to streamline the sheet metal fabrication process.

Sheet metal brakes are powered by the SYNERGY control system that manages all  machine motions with an intuitive interface and real-time bending sequences. SYNERGY also provides easy management of projects and product drawings.

USA MADE Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment
AutoBrake - Sheet Metal Brake by Roper Whitney
Mechanical Sheet Metal Shears by Roper Whitney
AUTOMAX - Sheet Metal Brake by Roper Whitney

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