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Since 1910, Roper Whitney has been producing high-quality tools and sheet metal fabrication equipment that change the shape of sheet metal, literally, from a simple punch to folding shapes with complex geometries. Over the decades, Roper Whitney has become a household name in sheet metal forming shops, most notably with American-made AutoBrake® sheet metal brakes as well as brands like Pexto® and Connecticut®.

With the release of powered long folders, Roper Whitney has one of the most comprehensive product line-ups for bending, folding, forming, notching, punching and shearing  – designed to streamline the sheet metal fabrication process.

Sheet metal brakes are powered by the SYNERGY control system that manages all  machine motions with an intuitive interface and real-time bending sequences. SYNERGY also provides easy management of projects and product drawings.

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The revolutionary all-electric drive system clearly distinguishes the Evobend® from traditional machines on the market. The use of electric motors in all processes leads to a more profitable cost/benefit ratio over time. The combination of linear technology with servo motors completely replaces previous hydraulic drives. The significantly improved power consumption not only reduce electricity bills, but also keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

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