Thrilled to share insights from Rick Kelpinski at Fox Cities Sheet Metal! They’ve been crafting quality projects with our machines since the 1950s and recently upgraded to the RW 1014 Autobrake, enhancing their fabrication capabilities.

“At Fox Cities Sheet Metal Inc., we specialize in custom fabricating materials ranging from stainless steel to prefinished steel. Our workshop has relied on Roper Whitney’s equipment since the 1950s, valuing its durability and long-lasting performance.

Recently, we upgraded to the RW 1014 Autobrake to increase our capacity to bend up to 14 ga materials, enhancing our production capabilities beyond the 16 ga capacity of our previous equipment. This transition was made smoother by Roper Whitney’s commitment to quality and their communication from purchase through setup.

Our first encounter with the Autobrake in 2011 impressed us with its fabrication speed compared to our traditional handbrake. The continuity in software between our old and new machines, facilitated by Roper Whitney, significantly eased our transition process.

The service team was flexible and helpful during installation and training. Their scheduling accommodated our needs, ensuring a seamless integration into our workflow.

For those considering Roper Whitney, expect a company that delivers quality machinery supported by excellent communication and customer service. We appreciate not only the mechanical capabilities of our Autobrake but also the software features that make our jobs easier.”

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