AutoMax sheet metal brake is our American made long folder with capabilities of folding specialized long products with high repeatability and accuracy. The AutoMax is ideal for pre-cut sheets, or seamless coils, and has the capabilities to be used with our Cut to Length lines. Options such as the slitter provide additional versatility and efficiency resulting in reduced waste.

AutoBrake with Synergy Control System

Intelligent Controls

The Synergy Control System is second to none. It is a highly advanced, Windows-based ECS CNC system that takes the complexity out of programming and running parts.

More Flexbility

The AutoMax sheet metal brake gives you added flexibility with the ability to handle lengths as great as 40′.

Highly Robust

Coupled with a highly robust slitter, the AutoMax allows you to quickly produce pieces of long folded metal up to 9 gauge.

Delivers Precision

With a highly reliable hydraulic motor system for folding beam, the AutoMax delivers speed and precision.

AutoMax Plus
AutoMax Plus™

The AutoMax Plus offers all of the same features and functions of the standard AutoMax, in addition to providing the most capacity.

With the most versatility, the AutoMax Plus, bends material up to 9 gauge. It has additional free space on the inside of the machines which allows for larger flanges to be put inside of the machine while forming the opposite side.

Long Folding System


Standard Features

  • Technology so advanced and easy to use, even a novice worker can accurately create complex shapes in minutes
  • Capable of as many as 100 folds per program
  • Ideal for builders, metal part fabricators and roofing companies
  • Energy-saving hydraulics
  • Maximum fold angle of 145 degrees
  • International standard laser finger detection and other safety devices
  • Built-in slitter

Intelligent Controls

Synergy is the newest software designed for Roper Whitney’s line of powered folding machines. It is a highly advanced CNC system that takes the complexity out of programming and running parts. The full-color, graphical touch screen allows you to store, browse and search for parts, as well as create new parts on the fly.

The software also brings together information from the office-based Konstruct program and the field-based Konstruct Mobile with Roper Whitney’s technical support program Konnect.

  • Easy Windows-based touch screen control
  • Auto sequences the part
  • 3-D part display
  • DXF file import capability