Roper Whitney mechanical sheet metal shears utilize a simple, low maintenance design – coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of value and performance.

Mechanical Shears

Powerful Backgauge

Mechanical shears come standard with a DRO power backguage consisting of a mechanical stop, twin drive screws, gear motor, digital readout and rotary encoder.

Mechanical Shears by Roper Whitney

Quiet Operation

The electro-mechanical design provides quiet operation with low power consumption.

Mechanical Shears by Roper Whitney

Safety Features

Oversized shield and toe kick plate are incorporated into the footswitch for added operator safety.

Mechanical Shears


Mechanical shears are capable of cutting up to 121″ of 14 gauge mild steel or 18 gauge stainless.

The M Series

Available in 3 models with varying gauge capabilities and cutting length options, M series shears offer low power consumption, superior cut quality and a fast, highly accurate power backgauge.

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Standard Features

  • Fast, highly accurate back gauge
  • Hand wheel allows precise adjustments
  • Continuous model offers speeds up to 35 cuts per minute
  • Move the back gauge out of the way to square up irregular shaped scrap material
  • Front gauge lets you quickly square and cut pieces to length
  • Available rolling collection tray lets you quickly move material around the shop