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  • AutoKut Plus

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    AutoKut Plus

    The brand-new AutoKut Plus Slit-to-Width and Cut-to-Length Line comes with an array of features and automation. The straightening and feed rollers and slitting shaft adjustments are automatically controlled with the touch of a button as opposed to manually adjusted via levers and gauges. It is intelligently engineered and economically priced for all of its users needs, designed for long term serviceability with all mechanisms on the outside of the machine. Slitter and guillotine blade changes are easy to perform and do not require disassembly of machine.

    The AutoKut Plus is designed so that is can be operated on either side of the machine, and the touchscreen operator interface is easy to use. It has a maximum speed of 85 ft per minute and can accommodate coils up to 49″ wide. Materials can be slit in thicknesses up to 20 gauge mild steel and blanked in thicknesses up to 18 gauge. The AutoKut Plus comes standard with 5 pairs of slitting blades, the slitter blades can be re-positioned quickly and accurately with the simple setup gauge. Shear cycle time is approximately 1 second.

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