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Eckold GL 2 Handheld Planishing Hammer

The Eckold GL2 handheld planishing hammer is the perfect tool for smoothing, stretching, curving, or straightening sheet metal. Fine weld seams can be planished fast and efficiently using the GL 2. Easily change from die to die with the quick-release mechanism. They’re simple and high quality thus the choice for industry leaders such as automobile and aircraft restoration, custom motorcycle builders, race car fabrication and more.


Eckold Handformer HF 100 PA

The Eckold Handformer HF 100 PA is an air powered shrinker/stretcher that replaces the laborious hammer work when forming sheet metal. With this machine you have both hands on the job for easy and precise holding and guiding of work pieces while releasing strokes and adjusting pressure with the foot-pedal switch. Quite an advantage when handling large and bulky parts.

The air powered HF 100 PA has a built in pressure relief valve to avoid overloading tools. Each step on the foot pedal releases one working stroke. Pressing down the foot pedal switch lightly releases a stroke with limited pressure. If you want the full power of the machine applied you simply press the pedal down all the way.

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Eckold Kraftformer KF 170 PD

The air powered KF 170 PD is the smallest of the Kraftformer machines. It can be switched between single and continuous stroke thus is ideal for correcting and adjusting jobs, and can also be used for punching, notching and clinching. With a horizontal throat of 6.7″ (170 mm), the KF 170 PD is capable of working large components up to 14 gauge (.08″ /2 mm) material thickness.

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Eckold Kraftformer KF 800

The Eckold Kraftformer KF 800 is air powered and controlled by a foot pedal, and you can easily switch between single stroke and continuous stroke operation. The single stroke mode combined with the machines massive reach is extremely beneficial for correction jobs. The machine has 2 different stroke settings depending on your forming force requirements.

A digital display shows the machines ram position with 0.1 mm precision which results in accurate repeatability of the forming force. The KF 800’s adjustable height allows for an ergonomic working position for the operator. The Eckold Kraftformer KF 800 uses the same tooling as Eckold’s popular KF 170 PD allowing for easy tool changes within seconds. The range of tools covers shrinking, stretching (both steel and non-marring synthetic inserts), doming and planishing operations. Like the other Kraftformer models, the all-new KF 800 is durable, versatile and precisely engineered with every detail in mind.

View Tooling Catalog  *The KF 800 uses the same tooling as Eckolds popular KF 170 PD allowing for easy tool changes within seconds.