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No. 455 Combination Angle Iron Shear, Notcher, Bender

$3,275 + Freight

The  No. 455 is a must whenever angle iron is fabricated. It consists of No. 4 Angle Iron Shear, No. 50 Angle Iron Notcher and No. 51 Angle Iron Bender, all mounted on a sturdy work station. 72″ operating bar handle included. This all in one unit ideal for use on a job site, mounted in the back of a truck, or used in a job shop.

No. 51 Angle Iron Bender w/Handle

$975 + Freight

The No. 51 angle iron bender is a companion tool to the No. 4 angle iron shear and No. 50 angle iron notcher. It will bend all sizes of angle iron within the rated capacity as well as flat bar. It includes a 32″ operating bar handle.