Innovation is key to staying competitive. The Evobend sheet metal folding machine epitomizes technological advancement, transforming the way we work. With a range of exceptional features, this machine has emerged as an industry game-changer, offering numerous benefits to revolutionize your workflow and productivity.

1. Solo Operation, Twice the Efficiency

Evobend empowers a single operator to handle tasks that traditionally required a pair. Whether folding long trims or doubling up 10ft trims, this machine streamlines operations, saving on labor and time, all while maintaining precision.

2. Swift Shadow Profiles and Panel Folding

Speed is paramount, and Evobend excels. It folds shadow profiles and various panel profiles in a fraction of the time alternative brakes take. This efficiency translates directly into reduced production time and enhanced output.

3. Intuitive Programming

Evobend stands out for its user-friendly programming. Its intuitive interface, featuring a drawing function, simplifies the process. Say goodbye to complex calculations and welcome a more user-friendly experience.

4. Minimal Math, Maximum Efficiency

Unlike alternative brake software, which often demands intricate calculations, Evobend minimizes the need for complex math. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors in your projects.

5. Drastic Production Time Reduction

Time is a precious commodity, and Evobend respects that. Its rapid folding capabilities, efficient programming, and streamlined operation cut production time, enabling you to tackle more projects and meet deadlines with ease.

6. Operator-Friendly Ergonomics

Physical strain on operators is a common concern in metal fabrication. Evobend addresses this by offering an ergonomic and operator-friendly experience. With reduced physical exertion, your team can work comfortably and efficiently.

In conclusion, the Evobend sheet metal folding machine embodies how modern technology can reshape an industry. From enabling solo operators for various tasks to its lightning-fast folding capabilities and user-friendly programming, Evobend prioritizes efficiency and precision. If you’re seeking to enhance your metal fabrication workflow and gain a competitive edge, consider adding Evobend to your toolkit.


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