Roper Whitney Showcases Specialized Aviation Solutions at MRO Americas

Chicago, IL, April 11, 2024 — The MRO Americas 2024 at McCormick Place was a pivotal event for us at Roper Whitney, showcasing the significant financial and operational benefits of Eckold machinery for the aviation maintenance industry.

Eckold machines are designed not just for manufacturing but for making cost-effective corrections on-site. “One of the major advantages we’ve observed with Eckold is the ability to adjust and correct part dimensions directly on the factory floor. This capability eliminates the need for costly reworks or sending parts back to suppliers,” Richard Grebien with Eckold, explained to attendees. This in-house correction capacity, particularly with radii adjustments, ensures higher productivity and reduced waste.

Throughout the event, we demonstrated how Eckold’s precision forming tools allow maintenance teams to perform intricate adjustments quickly and accurately. These demonstrations highlighted the machines’ ability to enhance operational efficiency and maintain high-quality standards in aircraft structures.

We are proud to represent Eckold in the U.S. and to support the aviation industry with tools that not only meet but exceed their maintenance needs. The ability to make immediate on-site corrections without the delay of external processes is a game changer, substantially reducing downtime and costs.

Our participation in MRO Americas is part of our ongoing commitment to introducing innovative solutions that streamline workflows and reduce expenditures in aviation maintenance. The event was an excellent opportunity for us to engage with industry professionals and discuss how Roper Whitney and Eckold can assist in their operational challenges.

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