We stopped by our friends Atlas Metal Pros to help show us how easy and quickly many of your standard building profiles can be produced on a 1016 Autobrake. During machine operation, the Synergy control shows in real-time the step-by-step bending sequences, with the position and movement of various parts (upper jaw, folding beam and back gauge).

The bending sequence is calculated and optimized in relation to the characteristics of the piece and the measurements of the machine and accessories mounted, in this case 26 gauge sheet metal. The Synergy control is easy to learn and simple to use, taking the complexity out of programming and running parts. Learn more here: https://www.roperwhitney.com/synergy/

Thank you to Atlas Metal Pros for Donating their time in helping produce this video.

Profile List:

0:00 – Fascia

0:21 – Ridge Cap

1:04 – Gravel Stop

1:50 – Rat Guard

2:38 – Outside Corner

3:34 – Inside Corner

4:36 – Drip Edge

5:45 – Gutter

7:20 – Soffit Panel