Nutting-Acco is a manufacturer of non-motorized material handling equipment.  Located in Watertown, South Dakota, their equipment is used in auto assembly plants, furniture warehouses, grocery warehouses, freight handling facilities and other custom applications.

In January 2017, Nutting-Acco purchased an AB 1009K Folding Machine from Roper Whitney.  With many factors going into the decision, the fact that Roper Whitney is proudly made in the USA and offers service and tech support in a quicker timeframe than other manufacturers set them apart.

They knew that Roper Whitney’s commitment to service and keeping their customers running was the ultimate priority.  Should an issue ever arise, Roper Whitney’s support can walk Nutting’s maintenance department or local technician through the process to find a solution quickly.

Nutting-Acco couldn’t be happier with their decision.  The level of prompt service Roper Whitney provides is unparalleled.  Do you have questions about how Roper Whitney can help your company?  Contact us at 815.962.3011.